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Born in New York City, 1960


All galleries listed are in New York City unless otherwise indicated.

(List is incomplete)





2016 - Causey Contemporary


2015 - Nassau County Museum of Art


2013- Lyceum Gallery @ Suffolk County Community College, Riverhead , NY


2009 -2010 – Rupert Ravens Contemporary – Newark, NJ


2007 – Artsites – Riverhead, NY


2004 – Universal Concepts Unlimited


2002 – Galerie Rienzo


2000 - Monique Goldstrom Gallery


1998/1999, Grant Gallery


1995 - V.I.A. Arts, Inc.


1994 - Andre Zarre Gallery


1990 - Sarah Rentschler Gallery


1988 - A.S.A.G.E. Gallery


1987 - A.S.A.G.E. Gallery


1985 - Jim Diaz Gallery


1983 - Kleeblatt Gallery


1982 - Huntington Ats Council, Huntington, NY





2018 - Fusion Arts (Rivington School); The Bishop gallery, Brooklyn (Five Years - gallery artists);

Lichtundfire gallery (Love Fest, Seriously); Lichtundfire gallery (Encore); Shenandoah MOCA, Strasburg, VA; 17 Frost (avant), Brooklyn


2017 - Demouzy Gallery, Rockville Center, Long Island, Buddy Warren Gallery


2016 - Demouzy Gallery, Rockville Center, Long Island, NY


2015 - Elena Ab Gallery, Bishop Gallery


2014 - Elena Ab Gallery, Denise Bibro Gallery


2013, Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark, NJ and Patterson, NJ


2012, Orchard Windows, Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark , NJ


2011, Longwood Gallery at Hostos (Toys and Games with a Twist, Curate NYC, Juanita Lanzo)


2010, Art Lexis, Brooklyn, NY


2009, Boson Exotic, Rupert Ravens Contemporary – Newark, NJ


2008, Trellis, Rupert Ravens Contemporary – Newark, NJ


2006, Synthetic Aesthetic, The Lab, Roger Smith Gallery – Best of the LAB, Yellowbird Gallery, Newburgh, NY – Plastic Fantastic, the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, NJ


2005, Botany 5000, The Lab, Roger Smith Gallery - Invitational Salon of Small Works, New Arts Program, Kutztown, PA - Over the Top, the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, NJ


2004, Recent Acquisitions – William Whipple Gallery - Southwest State University - Marshall, MN


2003, International Works on Paper Exhibition - William Whipple Gallery - Southwest State University - Marshall, MN, Works on Paper – Monique Goldstrom Gallery, Artists as Critics – 7th Floor Gallery, Berliner Kunst Project (Berlin, Germany)


2001, The State of Art gallery, Gale Gates et al.


2000, Robert Pardo Gallery, Markham Murray Gallery, Gale Gates et al. (Curated by Mike Weiss), 450 Broadway Gallery


1999, Goldstrom Gallery, Hartnett-Murray


1998, Goldstrom Gallery, Livestock Gallery, Genart


1997, Index Gallery (Osaka, Japan), Stephan Stux Gallery (at the Art Exchange Show - an Alternative Art Fair)


1995, Bronx River Art Center and Gallery, Phyllis Weil & Co.


1994, Galerie Pelin (Helsinki, Finland)


1993, Cavaliero Gallery


1988, Louise Hallet Gallery (London)


1984, 51X Gallery, PS 1 (Now adjunct of The Museum of Modern Art), La Casa Nada


1983, Galeria Lo Zibetto (Milano, Italy), Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, Gracie Mansion Gallery, P.S.1,

51 X





Ongoing - Various webzines, catalogs, and publications



Printed periodicals:


1998 – present - Flash Art, Contemporary art reviews and news reports.


1998 - present - dART International, Contemporary art reviews and various features


1996 –2002 - N.Y. Arts, Monthly column: “Picks”


2005 – 2008 – CONTEMPORARY, Various articles and reviews


2001 – 2003 - Tema Celeste, articles about contemporary art.


2001 – 2003 –, and artindex magazine, interviews with art professionals.


2003 – present - Sculpture magazine, exhibition reviews


2002 – 2003 - World of Art, North American Editor


1999 - zingmagazine, Article: Janis Kounellis at Ace Gallery




2006, Synthetic Aesthetic, The Lab, Roger Smith Gallery –Plastic Fantastic, the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Branch, NJ


2005, Botany 5000, The Lab, Roger Smith Gallery


2000, “Drawings, Maquettes and other Artworks Pertaining to Environmental Sculpture”, Dorsky Gallery, including catalog essay


2000, Egon Zippel, “To Do Lists”, zingmagazine


1998, “Sourpuss”, Abraham Lubelski Gallery


1985 - 1987, Artistic Director, B.A.D. Museum


1982 - 1989, Numerous nightclub exhibitions, including Danceteria, Wonderama, etc.


1982 - 1984, Founded and directed “Avant”, (An artists’ consortium)





1978 - 1979, S.U.N.Y. at Purchase, Fine Arts (Full scholarship, Early Admission)


1976 - 1978, High School of Music and Art


1977, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (Saturday Program)


1976 - 1978, Art Student’s League (Full scholarship)






1989 -1990, Pollack Krasner Foundation (Artist’s grant)


1986 - 1987, Artists’ Space (Project grant)


1983 - 1984, Artists’ Space (Project grant)


1977, Metropolitan Museum of Art Scholastic Art Award






Washington D.C. Convention Center


Omnicare International (New York)


MPOWER Corporation, currently Quovadx Inc. (Albequerque, NM)





Dr. Scott Fine (New York), Grace and Rich Johnson (Minneapolis), Mr. And Mrs. Robert Sanders (London, England), Brigette and Preston Perlus (Paris, France), Nona Gianlorenzi (New York), Paul Olsen (New York), Mr. And Mrs. Robert Perry (New York), Christine Ho (Seoul, Korea). Wasiq Kahn (Great Falls, VA), Jesse and Henry Yeung (Austin, TX), Sarah Rentschler (Hudson, NY), Andrea Davidson (Paris, France) And many, many others . . .





Photocopies of numerous articles will be provided upon request.