Call out your Gods

you’re going to need them.

Call them loud!

Because they will need to hear

before they face triumph.

Call again to your wives.

And call out your warriors.

Bring them all.

Have a good look around

and make sure you see the colors.

The flags are waving;

the smell is everywhere.

Make sure you see before you go.

No one else is counting,

The fire burns regardless.

You know how that

Crack and fold


In shades

And you know why

It won’t bend in the wind

Like trees that don’t break

In the storm

Many storms

Any storms

And we know how the rain doesn’t dance

Or prance

Because it fancies you

And you know what

It is that haunts you

During the daytime

When you are not dreaming

And they know


Who you are that won’t answer the call


And you know why you do it that way

And not the other way that works that will always work

For someone who will play it that way

Because they don’t care how the game is played so long as winning is still an option

So if we win

Winning is for youngsters,

When it still matters

A cheap haul still counts for a lot

As the night draws nearer

And winning dearer, clearer

It becomes more vague

Doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t you say,

Or no?